Migraine headache symptoms and the Pill

According to the FDA all estrogen based birth control pills are contraindicated with migraine.  This is especially true with migraine with aura which has a 6% incidence of stroke by itself which is worse while taking the pill.  Some migraine without aura patients may also have a stroke on the pill or their incidence of migraine may increase and the attacks come more frequently on the pill.  The pill is only 94-96% effective anyway for stopping ovulation so that 94-96% of women on the pill can still ovulate and conceive.

Progesterone based birth control pills do not affect migraine, cause stroke, or affect the outcome of pregnancy.

Contraindication means that for this medical problem the patient should be educated and cautioned regarding taking the medication.

All estrogen based birth control pills can cause an abortion by thickening cervical mucus so that a newly formed embryo cannot move in the tube to implant in the uterus.

Estrogen based birth control pills are also associated with a 6% risk of cancer according to the Mayo Clinic. The incidence of breast cancer in America when the pill first came out in 1960 was 5% and now it is 8%.

NFP or natural family planning is 99% effective and has no medical side effects.  This is based on the fact that approximately 2 weeks before a woman starts to bleed her cervical mucus becomes liquid, like KY Jelly, for 3 days and during that time she is fertile.  The woman and her husband should refrain from sexual relations during those 3 days and she will not conceive.  NFP can be taught but has to be studied to be effective.  Using NFP the cycle has to be carefully plotted and the woman taught to insert her fingers into her womb to determine the status of her cervical mucus.  Normally a woman’s cervical mucus is thick and sticky but when she is fertile for 3 days it becomes liquid.  This is to facilitate movement of an embryo from the tube to implant in the uterus.