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Migraine is an enormous health problem and is the most common medical condition for women. Most books on headache have short chapters on migraine but this is a comprehensive textbook written from an evidence based medical perspective. Teaching type patient dialogues are included for the clinical chapters on migraine along with an up to date review of current therapy. Cutting edge issues such as medication overuse headache and an indepth summary of the history of migraine are included. The author has also written on unusual and rare migraine associated conditions such as: Footballer's migraine, Retinal migraine, Vertigo and migraine, Primary headache associated with sexual activity, and Confusional migraine.



The Mini Neurology Series Volume 1: Migraine

In a world of big scientific books on headache and migraine there is a plea for a smaller book. This is it! A short but rather complete book on the definition of migraine, the lifestyle to live to have fewer attacks, and acute and preventive therapy of migraine. Throw in a short chapter on one of the most important subjects on migraine–medication overuse headache, and comments on sinus headache and allergy headache and you’ve got it…the first book in the Mini Neurology Series, on Migraine.