Migraine and Opioid Narcotics

Opioid narcotics have no primary function in treating migraine.  They are Class 4 narcotics with the potential for addiction.  Doctors need a narcotic license and special prescription pads to prescribe them.  No current legitimate articles are written in the headache literature promoting opioid narcotics for treating migraine.  During a MIgraine attack once the neuro-inflammatory chemicals are released in the brain, pain medications like opiates can aggravate the condition by continuously causing the release of inflammatory chemicals which keep the headache going, sometimes for years.  This can result in Chronic Migraine due to medication overuse.

The International Classification of Headache 3 Beta criteria for medication overuse headache from Opioids is:

Opioids >10days/month may cause medication overuse headache.

Many headache experts say only 4-5 days of narcotic treatment per month can cause medication overuse headache.

Typical Narcotics are:  Vicodin (hydrocodone, Narco), Tramadol, Demerol, Nucynta, OxyContin, and Tylenol with codeine.

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Google “hydrocodone or tramadol and medication overuse headache” and read what comes up.